Communication: The next gen.

One afternoon while trying to place some friends in the East Village in New York, I had this instant nagging need for a “phone” that would have a GPS so I could figure out my way. I quicky shunned that need and reached out to my phone to call the husband so he could help me with directions.

That is when I stopped. I looked around. I took a deep breath. I relaxed. I reminded myself that there are people around me I can very easily ask. Those people might think I am from the outer space for not carrying atleast one device that could help me find my way and decide with certainty that I am one of the poor tourists that come from the “other” side of the world. I knew that even though reluctantly, someone will help me find my way.

There are still people out there, right?.

I wonder if it is still considered okay to make polite conversation. I sense a growing population of people that cannot make “small” talk. I wonder if these people are capable of making any conversation at all? Does this generation have the ability to listen? Patience to process what they have heard and the intellectual capability to respond appropriately? Are we nurturing a generation that is so used to accessing everything at the click of a button that human interaction might soon become a thing of the past?

Do you ever hesitate to call a friend? Do you first text  to make sure it is okay to call? Can you tolerate the sound of another human being for a whole ten minutes? Are we still humans?



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10 responses to “Communication: The next gen.

  1. its a sad state of affairs… u email ur emotions, sms jokes to keep in touch, comment on photos just to make sure people know u r alive, etc etc etc…dont know where all this is leading to…surely not somewhere good!


  2. Things have changed since the time when asking directions of people in the know was normal. However, I’m old enough to follow the old way of actually speaking to other human beings.


  3. Nisha:
    When I make an effort to call people, just so I remember what it is like to speak with them, a lot of times I get the feeling I am intruding their life. Don’t answer the phone I say. Be nice no matter what?! Right?

    Me too for that matter. 🙂


  4. where i live, people don’t say they don’t know the way to get somewhere even if they don’t know. they just let their index finger do the thinking and point somewhere random. i have stopped asking people for directions as much as possible since.
    its one big floating population here. we are all strangers here anyway.


  5. I still don’t hesitate to ask for directions and sometimes seek for confirmation from another person since some people point you to the wrong way. I do this often in my travels. It’s fun for me.


  6. TAK:
    Interesting. But would you do the same in your home town? What is your take on technology over taking the human to human means of communication?

    I like!


  7. Asking around for direction, conversations, humantiy is all good. Try it out in Finland – if you don’t have a map, or not a GPS phone, you would not find a single soul to ask for unless you are somewhere near downtown. Secondly, GPS and map helps when you don’t speak local language.

    The downside of GPS is that it does not adequately point out to stairs or elevations.Once I kept moving around a ’round about’ like crazy as my GPS was making me go round and round. The correct path was a trail on an upward slope(Yes, even trails of Helsinki are mapped on the Nokia maps 🙂 )


  8. i have _never_ used a gps before. in my hometown, i love talking to everyone i pass. i love speaking that language i love and miss using. i end up being treated as a tourist hence.
    as far as communication goes, i HATE the phone. i cant make a decent conversation if i don’t maintain eye contact.
    i am one of those that you mention in your post who wonders numerous times if i will be catching someone at the wrong time before making a call. 😦


  9. This could be a deep discussion. People in the larger cities generally don’t have the time to make small conversation unless there is something in it for them. Even friends and close people wont do it more than a couple of times unless they are completely free or have nothing else to do. Things have certainly changed a lot since we grew up. I find people in Hyderabad generally more polite and actually stopping to converse than the hi – bye- see you conversations in mumbai..


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