I had been warned…

Things would change and they have.

I don’t get  pocket money from my parents any more. I miss the time I bullied my parents for every little thing. Haggled about the amount of pocket money. I knew eventually I would get everything I wanted but I loved the bargaining I had to do.

Friends stopped being friends. They were too worried about my “schedules”. So either they never called or called at bad times. Didn’t invite/inform me about things they were doing, or just outright abandoned me.

My family became too formal. Everything was said and done the right formal way. I wondered some times where did my whacky crazy family disappear. I miss them sometimes.

I have started eating cereal, granola, brown rice, and other health food. I am actually getting addicted to a few of these things.

People have always been confiding their relationship woes to me. Now they expect me to say something useful or important. I don’t really know any different. I also don’t want to become one of “those people” that dish out advice just becasue they think they can.

All this time my mother wanted to me to be the best daughter-in-law I could be. While I think I am doing a good job of it, I also feel that I am not very good at balancing the daughter-daughter-in-law act.



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7 responses to “I had been warned…

  1. I could realate on more than one of the points made, wish you lived close by…how far from nyc area?


  2. Sines:
    We should talk. :)) Left you an email.


  3. Greensatya

    Was the transition seamless or you found it difficult to accept the ‘new’ reality ?


  4. Ash

    Balancing Daughter-daughter-in-law act….. at least be happy people realise that you are married!! Heeee…..

    Hey Edu…hows you long time and so many things have changed around here, cya and tk


  5. Greensatya

    test, test, I wonder where all of my comments vanish !


  6. Ash:
    OMG OMG.. it has been long. Yes things have changed. I am no longer EDU… I am det-res now..:P And married …

    How are you? I did come to your blog some time back and wondered if you were the same person? So good to rediscover.

    Will catch up on with your blog soon-ish.


  7. Greensatya:
    I don’t accept the transition readily. Not because I find it difficult but because I refuse to play along with the change that “other” people has taken place. I am still the same person, daughter, friend, cousin, blogger and what have you.

    As a spectator to people’s behavior I constantly amuse myself.

    I apologize that all your comments need to get moderated. I have had some activity on this blog that I refuse to dignify. 🙂


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