Finding me.

Sometimes it is hard to tell what we hang onto.  A thought, a hope, a person a pet. Something, someone that provides us with purpose. Purpose to our life, to our existence.

Do we need to hang onto to something, someone? Can we find that purpose within ourselves? Should we find it within ourselves?



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6 responses to “Finding me.

  1. In the earlier years of my life I thought that I needed to be purely “other directed” in order to have purpose. As I have grown older I have discovered that that isn’t true.


  2. thedarkchildspeaks

    Hanging on to something is what keeps us
    going. While finding purpose within ourselves
    may seem to be the right thing to do, it’s also
    not the easiest thing to do.


  3. I still believe we live FOR other people. Once we only have ourselves to satisfy, to cling to, then life becomes dreary.

    My opinion.


  4. Do we need to hang onto to something, someone?

    No. But we do. To fill a void, to fill a need and to keep hold of something that once was.


  5. Nick:
    And yet at every cross-road it appears that there is an another in the equation.

    I would agree. Also as humans I think we thrive on constant validation of our being.

    Life might appear lonely then. Don’t you find yourself alone most times anyway?

    What happens when don’t know what else to hang onto. Or that the reason we chose that someone something, no longer is the same.


  6. At the very least we must make choices at each cross roads:

    The wayfarer,
    Perceiving the pathway to truth,
    Was struck with astonishment.
    It was thickly grown with weeds.
    “Ha,” he said,
    “I see that none has passed here
    In a long time.”
    Later he saw that each weed
    Was a singular knife.
    “Well,” he mumbled at last,
    “Doubtless there are other roads.”

    ~ The Wayfarer by Stephen Crane


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