Pet Peeve:1

When I am busy (but I still want to be signed into chat because I cannot get over my addiction to being signed in) I put on that red sign next to my sign-in name.

You cannot contact me. Period!

I can contact you given your status is not busy, even if mine is, when I am too busy for anyone to contact me.

What do you think, is that acceptable?



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10 responses to “Pet Peeve:1

  1. Greensatya

    Addictions are harmful !


  2. ha. completely. i occasionally do the same šŸ˜‰


  3. Sanny:
    Bad girl! :p


  4. you are using it exactly the same way its meant to be used. totally acceptable.


  5. TAK:
    I feel this behaviour reeks of arrogance.But each to his own.


  6. @det-res – thats how DND (Do Not Disturb with the red icon) mode is used by everyone i know in my professional and friends circle. sometimes its necessary to be online when you need to contact someone for something but you are too busy to chat with others that reach out to you at that point.

    i dont think ive ever been in DND mode with the lil’ red circle though šŸ™‚


  7. TAK:
    Agreed. Once in a while you want to be online for whatever our reason is. We are too busy to chat to anyone else. I get that too. So then don’t go around saying Hi and chit chatting with others. That is my point.


  8. Just so you don’t “offend” anyone, you can always sign in as invisible. Anyway, even with this YM status, you still can contact anyone. But the thing you’re saying is also acceptable. That’s the intention of the DND icon.


  9. Abaniko:


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