Face to face

For the longest time I imagined the moment we would come face to face again. Would I be happy? Would I be sad? Would I be indifferent?  I don’t think  I  gave enough thought to what  your reaction would be?

I could never paint an exact picture. I wondered if it would be a place I didn’t want to be, a time you weren’t on my mind, and I would have become the person that didn’t really care.

Who knew that I would be given a choice between being indifferent or politically correct.  While I don’t know  which is worse, I know you are  faced with the same choices.

What is the point of us coming face to face, when nothing has changed. I doubt it ever will.


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Filed under Abstract, Communication, Confusion, Disappointments, Emotions, Expectations, Experiences, Friends, Life, Pain, People, Personal, Relationships, Thoughts

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