You can’t hide.

Some times I wonder if we give away too much of ourselves when we hide ourselves.

A cartoon for an avatar, a fake name, a namesake, a stolen identity? No matter what you do, it isn’t very hard to decipher the truth behind the lies.

Sad but true, you cannot hide.



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6 responses to “You can’t hide.

  1. ummm true. anonymity gives the false sense of security to reveal. with little effort the strings can lead to the hand that wields.


  2. I guess maybe it’s easy to vicariously hate the evils we have in ourselves,in the society we live in !!!


  3. Rahul:
    Be negative you mean? The negativity will show right? What are we hiding then?


  4. But isn’t it really that deep down, we all just really want to be known (I speak for everyone but myself, of course). All this posturing – it’s just convention. As you’ve all said – a very flimsy mask…


  5. Onmywaytomentalhealth: I agree, I think we want the exposure. But a few years ago when blogging was new a lot of people wanted to write anonymously. The trends have changed.


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