Tiffin Wallah

I was introduced to this restaurant by my husband’s friend. We were there for a desi banker’s night out.  I have already gone back 4 times since. Even my parents who were visiting from India enjoyed the food.

I highly recommend this restaurant for authentic taste. The spice level is catered to the Indian palate. For me that was the deal breaker. I would like my chutney to be hot and rasam to make my sinuses open up.

The food is fresh, fabulous and very tasty. The service is quick and pleasant. The portions are good. The variety is limited which in this case is a good thing. Whatever they make is authentic in taste and very satisfactory. The place is very reasonably priced. A starter, main course, and desert should not really overshoot 20 dollars.

The restaurant does take reservations for large parties, however it is essentially a first come first bases service. The staff is very adept at making a table for two a table for eight. It is amusing to watch them change the furniture settings. Try not to get distracted by it and enjoy a wonderful Indian meal.

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