Jump, fly or take a step.

What stops us from taking the next step? The fear of unknown? Fear of failure?  Fear is scary by itself. It is limiting. It is almost paralysing on so many levels.

Sometimes, we wish we could be Chris Gardner. For just one second have the conviction he passes on to his son, when he tells him ” Hey..Don’t ever let somebody  tell you…you cannot do something” . For a second sometimes we want to find that strength that will land us that single chance we know can change the course of our lives.  But we are not Chris Gardner. We are who we are with our fears and insecurities.

Believe it or not, there are those opportunities that come knocking on our doors that we miss.  Those knocks could be very faint. Not opening that door is eventually failure.

Dealing with that failure isn’t easy. It is easier said than done. Some of you will know taking that step which differentiates us from us that previously failed is probably the biggest step of our lives.


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