Weekend of many firsts.

I think people can talk. Then again I think people can talk. One comes from wanting to make conversation the other from the ability to make one. I was impressed upon that to be able to talk about Memorial day, barbeque, second language in Canada, arachnid communication, 6 year old baby talk, politics, stock market one needs to be able to do more than just talk. One needs to know enough to hold a conversation. Adequately.

There is love.Then there is love. What comes out of a three hour photo session and good photoshopping can be a wonderful loving family in a frame. However actions have always spoken louder than words. Managing to get a family of eight under the same roof after over ten years is just another level of commitment to that love.

I will accept, there are things that I cannot enjoy eating. Like smoked pineapple. I wont even get to insects and starfish. However I did enjoy the barbeque. On memorial day. My first for both.

I have always wanted to spot a building/structure while landing. Preferably my own residence. I haven’t once been successful. It is easy to spot the Priyadarshini building in Mumbai or the Buckingham Palace in London or Statue of liberty in New York. But to be able to spot your own building is a huge feat from me. I did. Actually I was pointed towards it by someone who had no clue how much I have always wanted to.

I have mentioned before my love for letters and my gripe at never recieving a hand written letter in my mail box. When we returned from our weekend get away, I had a post card waiting for me from a very good friend. That was a perfect cherry to the icing of my cake made up of many firsts.



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5 responses to “Weekend of many firsts.

  1. Yeah..a hand written letter or card beats email anyday. And if there is a petal or a feather or even a sticker, its even better..


  2. v

    Did I miss your birthday??? I have to buy you a beer!


  3. White Magpie:
    Oh well I never did flowers or feathers. 🙂

    What gave you that idea? You can buy me a beer any day.


  4. Just so that you know, the reason you do not see many comments from me, is that I have this grandiose plan of sending you something that is handwritten. It is a surprise, so please forget this comment as soon as you have read it.


  5. Gaizabonts:
    Done! 🙂


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