When we choose to grow up.

When do we grow up?  When our bodies tell us or our mind plays games with us. The body ages. We have no control over that. A child starts to babble and crawl. Goes onto walk and talk endlessly. They grow into adults. That is the body. What happens to the mind then? It is all in the mind isn’t it?

What happens when a little innocence is lost like that first kiss. It is arguable. Was it growing up or was it becoming vulnerable? What does one do when the perfect parents  are not so perfect any more ? Is that growing up, or a violation of our  beliefs?

We want to grow up when we are little and how much we hate it when we finally do? Or is just me, who finds being an adult tiresome.

Taking decisions is hard. Realising that the decisions taken by the ones we trusted were wrong is even harder. Sometimes we can undo the harm. A lot of times we cannot. We find ourselves in a place  we cannot tell the truth. We cannot discuss our past. Part ego, part fear. There are times when we want to protect the ones who did wrong by us because we know they did the best they could. The best they knew how. Is that enough? Sometimes, may be not.

I don’t know if it we should let go of their past mistakes. Can we decide that it is time for them to learn because of what we know.  Or do we learn from their mistakes and hope to be better people.

When is it that we choose to finally grow up?



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6 responses to “When we choose to grow up.

  1. Jen

    ‘We want to grow up when we are little and how much we hate it when we finally do? Or is just me, who finds being an adult tiresome”

    Oh! It’s not just you. 🙂 … I find it traumatic and more often than not… loathesome.

    As to “When is it that we choose to finally grow up?”… is there really a choice there?


  2. D

    You’re right – we want to be all grown up when we’re kids, but when we do grow up we realise what a mistake it was to wish that!

    Growing up is tiresome not just because we have to take decisions, but because we realise things just happen irrespective of what decisions we make.

    We don’t choose to grow up, we are thrust into the grown-up life.


  3. Jen:
    Yes there is and we execute it. You know it as you know that sometimes being an adult is loathsome and yet we do what we think we should.

    We take the decisions. As adults. Yes our bodies grow. What our mind does is in our hands. I am not anti-growing up. I do think that we choose to be grown up.


  4. I don’t think we ever grow up. All growth is imposed upon us – we grow after each realisation (of anything). Each decision we take, each decision we evaluate, is a step. We commit actions then, which are a result of how we percieve and understand decisions.

    We never realise it – until one day, we act in a grown-up fashion and someone says – my, you have grown up!


  5. Gaizabonts:
    Would you then agree that our perceptions would change as a function of our previous experiences and hence promote a gradual change which I call growing up?


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