Here and there

Believe it or not I signed myself up for another medical board exam. I didn’t have to do it.  I did anyway. I was warned a few years ago, that I should not make taking exams my life because eventually I will go looking for exams to take. Four days before the exam I am not complaning. I am struggling but I have a good feeling about this one.

I never wanted to be the friend to say. “learn from my experience”.  I think everyone lives their own lives and makes their own mistakes. I belive that people should make mistakes and get hurt and be slammed on the floor. Getting back up on their feet, to be able to shake the dust off the shoulder is a victory everyone should experience. Yet I am tempted on too many occassions. I am trying to let people I care about fall. I want them to find the strentgh to pick themselves up again.

Sometimes I cannot tell if people around me are just stupid not to see the truth or they are way too nice to overlook my complete lack of reciprocation. Such people scare me. No matter what the case; I still want to be away from them.

Parents visited this married woman as a married woman for the first time. I think the husband was far more excited, than I was. All the cleaning, grocery shopping and arrangements he put into before their arrival only made me want to sit back and laugh. I remember the first time my parents were visiting me. I remember the feeling. I have grown out if it. It is important to keep people warm well fed and comfortable.I think it  is more important to treat them right, be sensitive and respectful.



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4 responses to “Here and there

  1. Well I hope it went well.


  2. sweet of ur husband! its moments like these that make us really proud of them, isnt it?


  3. Nisha:
    I am amused more than anything else.


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