This week…

I rechecked my bloglines account and went over the 61 sites that I read. None have had updates for the longest time. I seriously think blogging needs a conducive environment. When one reads thought provoking, stimulating posts, one excercises their own brain. That adds fodder and out comes a post. The feeling spreads and we have good blogging activity.  Most of the feeds I suscribe to, don’t update that often or not at all.  It is a bummer. I miss good writing. I have been trying to expand my horizon. Looking for different kinds of writers. Different spheres of blogging. I haven’t been very successful. I am not complaining. I myself haven’t written a thought-worthy post in a long time. However more than writing I miss reading.

Should five year old children be allowed to use phones and send smses from them? It was an utter shock to me when I recieved the first text from my niece who is soon going to be six. Then it turned to amusement. Now I think a phone is becoming the new television. Children should only be allowed enough entertainment that it does not interfere with development in other apsects like reading, sports, social interaction etc.

As I was returning to my dorm room one evening I watched one of the trauma attendings cross a road to reach the parking lot. He had an umbrella in one hand and some books in another. He looked uncomfortable and tired. As he crossed the road he almost got hit by a car.  I watched him save himself  in time and continue walking to his car park. He looked old, tired and very vulnerable. It was probably the first time it hit me how very human he is. When he walks the hallways of this hospital’s trauma unit he is the life saviour. Outside he is like everyone else.  Sometimes even inside.



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5 responses to “This week…

  1. Liked the way you wrote this post juxtaposing three separate themes. Especially liked the last line.


  2. most trauma surgeons i know are just a**holes.


  3. Shankari:
    Thank you. The more I read the last line the more I think of it the more I realise what was really going on inside my head. Thank you for pointing me to myself. 🙂

    I know where you are coming from. Where I am placed right now, I love the lot.


  4. i love the mood that you create. and what you say hits hard and fast.
    maybe its time i wrote.


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