Lunch date.

A friend who worked in the hospitality sector in India always complained to me about the behaviour of doctors when they were confronted with free food and alcohol.  He called them nothing less than junglee.

I haven’t attended many drug rep meetings in India. I have attended plenty  abroad. I would concur with my friend. Doctor’s aren’t the most civilised at such occassions.

Most times a drug rep will make small chit chat at the side and people (doctors, physician assistants, administration staff ) will come grab their food. Doctors stick around to hear what the drug rep has to say. Most people just leave. Sometimes there are dinners arranged for the physicians. Even before the small talk begins most people are inebriated.

I have often tried to make sense of the behaviour. I do find a certain lack of civility. I am often left to wornder if the behaviour was that obnoxious or unacceptable why have drug reps not made a deal about it.

Does the money that the doctors can help generate for a pharmaceutical comany allow a bad lunch date? I wonder.



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2 responses to “Lunch date.

  1. free food and booze produces such behaviours, and cuts across sections – i dont think this is necessarily the case with doctors, me thinks.


  2. Dharmabum:
    I guess so.


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