I promise…

I will survive the following few days.  I will smile and be strong. I will remind myself there is light at the end of this tunnel. My tunnel is rather long; but it is a tunnel.

I will continue to work hard. I asked for it, they gave it to me. I will be better than my best.

I will read more. I will read to know and learn and not just because I need to read.

I will not go to food for comfort. I am lying right now as I am munching on a cookie. I will hence forth remind myself that it is only food. Not an arm or a shoulder or a friend. It is what is packing around my waist and is not good for me.

I will continue on my health plan. There is no wrong time to start. Now is always a good time.

I will take the high road. Even if that means I have to be a little detached.

I will learn to be a better person. Pettiness and hanging onto pain inflicting memories will lead me no where.

I will read blogs because I enjoy reading them, not out of curiosity. 

I will not beat myself over past failures. I have new battles to fight.

I will love myself. Only then can I do right by me.



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11 responses to “I promise…

  1. Just found your site and read this post. It’s great. Thanks for the inspiration. Guess we all have our long tunnel to get through. Ultimately, you’re right, we have to do it ourselves, by loving ourselves. But tell you what, I sure am grateful for the friends and community that help pull me through. Hope we can all reach out and help each other through when we need it most.


  2. Well the last one says it all.. should have been a reversed list.. LOL..


  3. Highmountainmuse:
    Welcome to my blog.

    I am happy about my support system. At the end of the day however I have to do it for myself.

    Thank you.

    He he he! Oh well.


  4. D

    Best of luck. May you do all you’ve resolved to.


  5. D:

    White Magpie:
    I am not sure what you mean. 😦


  6. affirmations are always helpful. keep it up. post it on your fridge if it helps reading this often. good luck.

    and ‘sehr gut’ i think means very good in german. 🙂


  7. Theanalogkid:
    You know what, I think I will print this to put on my walls. Thanks.


  8. hopefully u r doing well on these! if not…tomorrow is another day…all the best!


  9. Nisha:
    Not this time. Sometimes we have to stop giving ourselves concessions. We have to move forward and upward.


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