Best friends,favorite teachers and a happy place.

I don’t hear very often from my friend who is a copywriter; in a Dubai based firm. I hear from him often enough. He is around. His birthday comes before mine is another fact I keep in very-fast-retrievable-memory-spot of my brain. 

When I first started writing this blog, it was his validation that I seeked. I knew he would tell me what he thought of my writing and his criticism would be productive. He is not someone who would get into the nitty gritties of spelling and grammar. He would help me reflect on my thoughts.  I don’t know if he ever read my blog but he did tell me that I should not shy away from penning my thoughts. That was enough. Then.

Over the years we have kept in touch. We share our lives on an on and off basis.  He never fails to bring a smile on my face. I don’t know if it is because of the peculiar way he spells my name or because he reminds me of a happy place I have been in.  On the strentgh of him alone I am reluctant to give up on “best friends”.

Out of the blue  I get a mail from him, this afternoon.  About my 6th grade teacher that he bumped into. The only other person she could recall  from school was me. He wrote. I wrote. I wrote to her. She wrote back.  I am still dizzy with excitement. The world must be shrinking for real.

More than 15 years later I update her with my life but all she remembers is some months of my 6th grade. Reading her recalled memories reminded me of the person I used to be then. I know a lot has changed since then, but then a lot hasn’t either. I was in a good place. I still am. It is really good to know.



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8 responses to “Best friends,favorite teachers and a happy place.

  1. D

    This post just makes me smile.


  2. Its always nice to connect with old pals..


  3. wow…teachers are celebrities in their own special way. somehow this post makes me think about so many of them…sweet post.


  4. Nisha:
    Thank you. I was smiling about it for a week.


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