Around the storm.

I  regret not having my camera with me. There is snow lying all around. Outlining the land in all it’s beauty.

It is beautiful outside. A certain calm prevails. Untouched snow. White. Pristine. Winds brushing the fluffy snow off the ground only to see it settle down again.

Today is the day poetry would be written. Post cards would be made. Beautiful landscape would be photographed.

Just less than twenty-four hours ago, I was stranded in the snow. On a bus that crawled after a few slips on ice. I was cold. I was anxious. I was calculative. I experienced the snow and the snow storm.

I now think of the people who were affected by this snow. In accidents, lack of heat or electricity. I wonder if they will ever live to enjoy the beauty as I do.  I wonder if they will ever come around the storm?



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3 responses to “Around the storm.

  1. i love the cold, the colder, the better. in fact, everytime i have travelled up north of india, i have had this strange and almost perverse pleasure in not using any warm clothing.

    snow is something else. for someone who has loved in southern coastal india all his life, the very mention of the it gets me excited.


  2. D

    Storms are beautiful when you are out of them, aren’t they?


  3. Dharmabum:
    I can totally relate to the excitement. I remember the first time I experienced hailstorms in Nepal. The whole class of Indians who had never seen one before left an examination room to watch the little ice-stones drop.

    How many of us actually get out of them?


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