Thanks is due

Any big event like a wedding comes with good, bad; happy moments  and sad ones; memories you want to keep for life, memories you wish you never had to make.  Amongst everything that happened or didn’t there are somethings I am very grateful for.

My mother-in-law met me 4 days before the wedding. She made every effort to surpass language and culture barrier.  All she asked of me was to keep her only child happy. She made me feel like the daughter she never had and gave me small pieces of advice that I know will go a long way in my future with her son. I am very thankful for her warm acceptance and ofcourse her son.

I gave 4 weeks notice to my parents to get married. They were happy, positive and very supportive. They met my fiance 4 days before the wedding and loved him instantaneously. I don’t know if that is possible. I do know they accepted him well. They respected his decision and mine to want to be together. I know my mother is very happy for me. I sense it every time I speak with her. I am thankful she is happy.

4 weeks notice to my parents meant even lesser notice to friends and family. While some family left no stone unturned to be there by our side, some gave my parents a lot of grief. I didn’t really care for them much, but I was very sad my parents were being subjected to such nonsense because of me. On one of my worst days before the wedding, a friend sniffed out what was cooking and demanded to be there. He even threatened to gate-crash and told me exactly what days he wouldn’t be in Mumbai lest I needed to change my wedding day. His enthusiasm and affection made my day and lifted my spirits. He made me smile. I never got to thank him. I wasn’t even a good host to him on my day. I am just very thankful I have such a friend in him.

A lot of people got left out during the wedding. Part of it was due to time constraints, some of it was because of bad planning and others due to oversight. None of the ones that matter gave me any grief.  People understood the situation, they congratulated me, remained patient with unanswered mails and messages . Some people even left gifts. I am thankful to know such amazing, understanding, patient, supportive and lovely people.

I have had a lot of support before and  after my wedding. Getting into a commitment wasn’t easy for me.  I was scared and very skeptical. I got positivity and support from a lot of people. I was told nothing will come easy. Getting married is not an extended party. I had friends and family give me good advice, bring in positive attitude and show me;  after all the madness called an Indian wedding, I have a man to be with that I love very much. I am thankful at the end of those  few very crazy days, I am beginning to build a wonderful life ahead of me.



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21 responses to “Thanks is due

  1. Gosh when did you get married? Congratulations! How did you husband find the Indian madness? Post some pictures even if just of the surroundings or pther people if you want keep your identity a secret. I LOVE wedding pictures.


  2. D

    Hey, a zillion congratulations!

    This has to be the most understated post-wedding post ever!


  3. waditi2001

    Hey Congratulations!!

    Does this mean you would be around with the wit, quirk and insight more often now?


  4. Congrats is due and given in full measure!

    Glad you have the people who matter – parents, friends and some relatives too. Gladder that you have appreciated them so fulsomely.

    All the very best in matrimony and everything else!


  5. For a minute I was wondering if I stepped into the right blog!

    This was indeed a surprise… and a pleasant one at that 🙂

    Congratulations and may you have a great life ahead!

    Enjoy the moments…

    Would certainly look forward to some interesting & fun-filled posts on life after marriage… (if not for pics, given that i am a complete stranger to you except for the fact that I visit your blog) 🙂


  6. Congratulations with the New Beginning…)))

    and for sure with a new life, facing a new cculture…)))


  7. I am really happy to read this. Really. This is one of those perfect descriptions of a perfect time. I’m sure you’re excited, thrilled about the change and I wish you a life full of memorable days. Have a drink on me. Big hug. Congratulations 🙂


  8. Sines:
    I got married a couple of months ago.:) We realised that we weren’t equipped well enough to make our case so we just submitted. I did a better job than he but we survived.Pictures..Hmm let me see what we can do about that.

    Thank you. 🙂 I am not sure being under-stated is a good thing or a bad thing?

    I sure hope so. 🙂

    Thank you.

    Thank you so much.

    Hey long time.. Yes you did step on the right blog. Things have happened. I’ve been too busy enjoying them. Well posts are not going to stop any time soon I assure ya.


    Thank you.

    Thank you so much. I have to tell you nothing is perfect. But things are beautiful. They really are. 🙂


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  10. Wow, wow, wow…Edu. What a news! Gosh.
    You just stunned me. That’s so wonderful. And the way you reveal it, hahha, just incredible.
    Here’s sending a flood of warm wishes, love and loads of happiness towards you– from all of us here. Have a great time ahead.:-)


  11. i know what you mean when you say it wasn’t easy. the commitment is one thing. the magnitude, quite another, atleast for me. i mean, the intensely personal nature of the choice, makes is quite contrary to the social nature of the ceremony, if you know what i mean.

    this is a beautiful post. it will be interesting, the melange of cultures, and challenging too. so heres wishing you loads of luck, love and prayers.


  12. This is the first time I’m here, although Atul had suggested this blog to me long time back. And well well! Congratulations!!!

    It’s so nice to see such a positive acknowledgement of people in one’s life.While blogs have become a medium to rant (and I might very well be guilty of it, too), it’s really refreshing. Thank you for that :).

    Have a great married life. Commitment always seems so much difficult getting into. Once in, and once we understand what we’ve go, it seems the easiest thing in the world.



  13. Vishwa:
    Thank you! I had been revealing a lot about myself in the past few months. You weren’t listening/reading to me. 🙂

    Thank you.

    You couldn’t have made it clearer. Those were my exact thoughts during the wedding ceremony. I didn’t feel any different inspite of the ceremony. I already had made up my mind as to what my relationship would be and what it had come to mean to me.

    Thank you for your wishes.

    It is an honour to have you come to my blog. The reason even more so. I have been reading your blog for quite a few years ( I think) now. I am glad there is increased activity there.

    I think commitment is over-rated. I think a little love, a few manners, some dignity and lots of passion in anything we do; go a long way. It is serving me well for now.

    Thank you so much for your wishes and thoughts.


  14. Ha, love how you just slipped this one in. 😀

    It all happened so quick, and you still managed such a fairy tale wedding 🙂

    we can never please everyone, there will always be someone or another whose always going to have something to crib about. but don’t take it negatively, just remember that they wanted to share the happiness, try not to look at it as addedd stress but as well wishers who just wanted to involve themselves anyhow they could.

    oooh so doc how many months left before the baby is due 😉


  15. wow…congratulations on ur wedding!!! u r right…we share a lot of similar experiences.
    hey…y dont u take the tag on my blog…the random questions one?would love to know u better 🙂


  16. Sanny:
    I think they all eventually turn out to be fairy tales. The trick is to believe in them. 🙂

    I agree with you. I didn’t take anything to heart. I promised myself this was my wedding. One and only I hope and I was going to enjoy it to the fullest. Ha ha baby.. you will know.. 😛

    Thank you so much. Yeah we are almost sharing a parallel life kinda thingie. Answer to your tag on your post..:)


  17. Congratulations on your wedding.
    May you make many good memories..
    Hugsss !!


  18. Pallavi:
    Thank you so much.


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