What is your story?

Did you surf from one coast to another to find your answers? Did you serve in the navy or the army to know what service really meant? Did you face the winds of Alaska to prepare yourself for anything that came your way?  Did you serve in the police, to brave anything in life? Did you see your dad die of cancer when that is exactly what you are paid to treat?

What makes you come back to your job? What makes you get up each morning and smile?

What inspires you?



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8 responses to “Inspired

  1. D

    Hope. Nothing else.


  2. at one level, it is the desire to make a difference. in that sense, my work inspires me. i also believe that everyday, i am blessed with the opportunity of meeting someone new in my life, someone whom i can learn from, whom i can reach out to in my own small way


  3. D:; Dharmabum:
    Interesting. Thanks for sharing.


  4. At this point nothing. Every single morning I contemplate buying a lottery ticket. Residency is a bitch wait till you get there this year! Did you match yet. Hope you do. Good luck, you’ll make a great surgeon!


  5. some stories happen by default, some by chance. there is, i believe a difference between having a story and making a story. the later is the one that is inspired.

    the tata safari kind of ads (live your life, outdoors, etc) are nice to see, they are romantic, but not necessarily inspiring. (imagine the ad if they take that human out of the ad)

    [search youtube for “Tata Safari Dicor ‘Remember'”]

    mostly, it is people, who inspire, in various ways, somehow or the other it boils down to the people and how you relate to them.


  6. music! one of my biggest fears is going deaf


  7. Sines:
    You do go back everyday to your job, which by no means or imagination is easy. Something I am sure takes you back. I do hope it is more than a paycheck; which in itself is not very handsome for most residents.

    No I didn’t match. I will be applying again this year. I need miracles. Meanwhile I am doing clinical research.

    I agree @ people inspire. I don’t think go about to consciously make a story. They happen. People make decisions and live a life. Sometimes to tell a a very inspiring story.

    :), enjoy it, why fear?


  8. Well, challenges inspire me. Life inspires me. The fact that I get to make a difference inspires me. The fact that I can push myself to the limit inspires me. Jobwise.. : well new projects, learning curve, growing professionally, all of it inspires me.. and yeah good leaders .. they make it worth the painful while..


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