I am not sure if the problem is that someone from the outside decided to make money from what we know from the inside. I don’t know if the problem is our inablity to face facts. Dire straight facts. I am not even sure if the real problem is the subject matter and the rawness in the potrayal. Is it just plain insecurity that a wonderful storyline was scripted and was well put up on the big screen?

So what,  it happens to be close to home?



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4 responses to “So

  1. tell me about it!! this whole debate abt the movie is such a waste. we should be glorifying it instead of questioning it so much.


  2. I’ll tell you on Monday. 🙂


  3. I suppose you could argue that everyone has a right to say what they want…

    Do you know if Salaam Bombay created this much of an outcry when it was released? Part of me thinks if this has been made by an Indian film-maker, from India, it would not have created the waves it seems to be creating now..


  4. Nisha:
    I don’t know about glorifying. How about just enjoy it for what it is?

    I am still waiting. Which Monday were you talking about?

    And I have exercised precisely that right.


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