Why is being gay or their union in marriage such a big deal to people? Why is the dictionary meaning of marriage being put at stake? Doesn’t marriage to most people mean a union of two people wanting to spend their lives together? Even if man and woman are putย  into the equation why is anything new or out of the routine so hard for people to accept? Weren’t single parent homes unthinkable, or inter-racial marriages taboo. Can’t people be more educated, informed and realistic about life, given the day and age.

Do public figures have a responsibility towards the society. If they do, then how much responsibility should they shoulder? A president wants to hold on to his blackberry. As an individual I think a person in free country should be allowed to. There are security risks, understandably. Then how much of a free country is this? Having said that, does this president owe it to his society to do the right thing and give up on his right to information and technology? How much can we ask of these individuals who happen to be public figures to mould themselves because they have a responsibilty to the society that makes them celebrities?

Have people completely forgotten to have conversations, communicate? I often see people stuck to their cell phones, iphones, blackberries, to communicate I suppose. I write out new year cards every year. I have a minimum list of 50 people that I send cards to. I don’t remember the last time I got a card back.ย  I don’t even get acknowledgements for most of them. Why is communication becoming harder for people these days? What ever has happened to face to face conversations?



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  1. Internet..Too much information – whether you deserve it or not. whether you are old enough or not..whether..


  2. Happy New year! People have found convinience in having communication and conversation hence the text, iphone, email. I am guilty!


  3. What is the blackberry a reference to?

    You can also think of it from the other viewpoint that they may not wish you at New Year’s, when it is the ‘customary’ thing to do so, but they may be there for you if you want to talk to them, or they may share in your joys when you pass a job interview, or they may pop a random “Hello long time, how are you doing?” message to you on Facebook or Orkut or whatever it is you techno-savvy kids use these days… ๐Ÿ˜›

    Personally, I would find these wishes a lot more meaningful than a customary, run-of-the-mill happy new year’s messages (not that I’m implying your cards are like that, but just generally saying… ๐Ÿ™‚ ). But then again, that’s me. I don’t see the point of new year, it comes and it goes, and I myself don’t particularly care for wishing even the people closest to my heart (though my family makes me phone up and do so… lol.) but I know that it means a lot to some people. And I always make it a point to reply to meaningful new year’s messages, with an attempt at some equally meaningful thoughts to guide them through the new year and many more years after that.


  4. What would be the fourth question?


  5. White magpie:

    I am not refuting the convenience. I am wondering if we are getting more inept at face to face conversations. When was the last time we made time for our friends and had a 4 hour long lunch just so we could catch up.

    Refer to comment above. I think you have missed my point.

    There are about a million. I don’t know which one should come up next. ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Hello ji,

    Just a quick note to ask you for your e-mail address as I have put my blog on private settings due to some problems, and I would love for you to continue reading my blog…

    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. Sushmit Ghosh

    hmmm…just got me thinking about how some say that e-mail has been the deathroll for snail mail. but the point is if one were to give up on writing letters based on a premature assumptions, then you really are adding to the heat…
    …it’s good to know you still send out ‘hardcopies’ on new year…! keep belting them out…a single card amongst a host of sms and e-cards probably always gets a warm smile…and that’s what matters, even if you aren’t told about it ๐Ÿ™‚



  8. Sushmit Ghosh:
    I do get one person here or there who will tell me that seeing a hand written card made their day, or some sort of acknowledgement once in a while is encouraging. How ever what gets me going is the fact that I love remembering people and writing to them and filling them up with my life for that past one year. It makes me happy knowing I am reconnecting on a very personal level.


  9. well at a pat I would think its because we have got the online wall to hide from.. its easier to communicate when its not face to faces….

    But personally, I think good communication is good health all around.. it keeps the air clear.


  10. Oh tell me about it..
    I so miss the days of the paper cards.. and letters.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    We are so into the online comm that emotions have become technical as well.
    Social networking sites have tried to regain some of that..

    I like what one can do with Facebook. ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. Pallavi:
    You came back to this post. That is nice to know.

    Isn’t that weird to you? I would like to see my friend’s face. I would like to see the smile in person and not through an emoticon. Hmm no, I am actually getting rather annoyed with facebook etiquettes in someways. Oh well may be topic for another post.


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