1. Be disciplined.

2. Make health, profession and personal life a definite priority.

3. Listen more

4. Talk less

5. Give only as much as I can  as a person, friend, and human being.

6. Love unconditionally. At least try.

7.Lessen the expectations

8. Bring in consistency, especially in blogging.

9. Save money

10. Make a trip to UK and India this year.

11. And this one is for good luck get a residency spot.



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7 responses to “Resolutions

  1. wow!

    All the best and Wishing you a Happy 2009.

    Btw, read this:


  2. looks like your resolutions and to-do lists said a hi to each other. 🙂


  3. and be at peace with yourself.. thats mine.. 🙂 I second all your points.. 🙂
    Wishing you prosperous new year..


  4. Shankari:
    Thank you, wishes for a fantastic new year to you as well. Thanks for the link. It made an interesting read. How ever I don’t think there is any stepwise program for change, or discipline. One has to find it within themselves.

    I hope they continue talking to each other. 🙂

    Thank you, I reciprocate your wishes.


  5. Dasvidaniya+1? about adding “make more money” and making it an even 12..

    The 8th one you must…


  6. Sushmit Ghosh

    9 and 10 might be in conflict 🙂



  7. White Magpie:
    Ha! make more money is always on the mind. Am working on the blogging.

    Sushmit Ghosh:
    Welcome to my blog. Well I want to do 9 so I can do 10. 🙂


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