I remember breaking out into a very itchy rash when I was a little girl. That night our newly made friends were visiting for dinner. They happened to be doctors and my mother happened to mention my rash. They brought along with them a tiny blue tablet. I can only now contemplate what that blue tablet must have been, but for the longest time I think they had brought in magic.

From then on we have shared a patient-physician relationship. I have grown from being the little school girl, adolescent, adult and have intermittently shared my health history with these physicians. They have always given me the right advice, the apt diagnostic tests, the perfect medicine. I trust them with my life and my problems. I trust them. Until today they have always come through for me.

What happens if they go wrong? What if someday they make a mistake? What if just one time, they make a bad judgement call? I wonder if I will forgive them? Will I remember all the good they have done for me before they went wrong. Will I be able to give them the concession for that one mistake. Would it be too much for me to ask myself to remember that they are also humans.

The real question I ask is, is my trust in them so weak, that one mistake can undo all that we have worked towards in all these years?



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10 responses to “Trust.

  1. some people live very much in the present, some are stuck in the past, some take a step back and look at the entire timeline with equal importance. its all about how quickly your conscious can access events before taking a decision.
    if you find you live very much in the present, maybe giving your conscious more time to access past events before taking a decision might help if the decision is an important one.


  2. it is probably human nature, to forget all the good, and focus on the little bits and pieces of the so called lapses.

    happy new year~!


  3. Theanalogkid:
    Couldn’t have come at a better time. I think stepping back once in a while isn’t such a bad idea.

    Thank you, wish you a very happy new year as well. Wouldn’t that be a very petty nature. Apologies for the passing of judgement.


  4. Sometime its the act that matters, if the act is not so big, trust sometimes could not be affected but if the act itself is big then it is saying something to you or rather shouting something at you.. LOL


  5. Pallavi:
    What happens when the act is unintentional?


  6. no apologies required – for being judgmental, is nature too 😛

    i just made a simple observation – of how many of us tend to ‘view’ life in general – pretty or not, is upto us to decide 🙂
    oh, and btw, i did observe your frequent presence, with much joy and gratitude. wil blogroll soon, the one service that i use seems to be not working at the moment.


  7. Why are you spending time about an event that may happen or not? Esp since nothing that can misalign your trust has happened..


  8. Dharmabum:
    Thank you. 🙂

    White Magpie:
    Hmm, contemplation helps. Me.


  9. Good one edu.

    I think, we’re hardwired to register the recent experience–good or bad. So even if a doctor has diagnosed aptly all along, if he screws up after 100 successful suggestions, that would override all the pluses. Vice-versa too.

    Need to be above-human to get into proper perspective and look beyond good-bad, positive-negative. Not that it’s difficult.

    How’re you? 🙂


  10. Vishwa:
    I am very well thank you. Always nice to have you around. Your posts are getting longer and very philosophical. Hence I tend to get a little lost there. I enjoy your perspectives on my posts. It always amazes me how well you understand. Thank you.


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