Along with the new year.

Life; a different kind just  took over. No matter how well prepared one thinks they are, something stumps you in the end. Some good, some bad. It was interesting to note  my varying responses to situations. I always thought I could deal with any situation put forth. While I did deal with them, I just didn’t do it the way I had envisaged I would. I made myself proud in some situations and in some I was just plain disgusted with the person I was. I still don’t know where that side of me was coming from, but I am aware that side exists.

I have done everything I can to put a stop to certain relationships. I don’t see the point in hanging onto people or memories  that do nothing for me. However selfish this statement may sound, there is always an  expectation out of any effort that one puts in. When the expectation is not met, there is only discomfort and pain to be felt. I do not have the courage in me to tell some people that I feel no connection with them.  I do have it in me to let them go, so I can stop being hurtful with my indifference.

I have always known I am not perfect. Just like everyone else. Yet it bothers me when I am constantly reminded of my imperfections. Sometimes, it would be nice to be accepted just the way you are. It is only in the last few days that I have realized that even people who love you  the most struggle with your imperfections. Worst is when they constantly remind you of their struggle. I think I am going to care less.

WordPress has changed while I was away. I am going to spend some time each day/ week rediscovering this wonderful platform of expression. I think I was happier when I wrote regularly. I miss writing, expressing, communicating. I miss being a part of the constant thought flow process.

I have huge milestones to cross. Professional ones. Personal life will have to take a back seat. Life has to be lived on priority basis. There is only so much one can do. A good friend once told me, ” you cannot make people around you happy, if you aren’t happy yourself”. I think I agree. There is only so much that makes me really happy. I think I will stick my guts to achieving that.

I know good things will come along for me in the new year. I hope the same for all of you.



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13 responses to “Along with the new year.

  1. adelinasjourney

    Happy New Year!
    There will be many good things & bad things, up and down, smile & tears, laugh & pain ahead.
    So, wish all the best for us….


  2. Well change is the only thing that is constant. Rest is all an illusion.
    So wishing you a very peaceful new year.
    And yeah I upgraded on WordPress and its behaving like a dream..
    Take care.. 🙂


  3. Oh, Hello co-location blogger!

    Caring less may not help. Try and fret less.

    HNY. Hope you are having a good year and continue to have a good one all along!


  4. adelinasjourney:
    That is a wonderful thought. Thank you for your wishes.

    I don’t mind the change, some times however I don’t know what to do with it.

    I can’t help but smile at the wonderful use of words! Co-location you bet. I will remember the tip. Thank you. I am having an awesome year, wish you are too.


  5. Happy new year…



  6. Take one day at a time, but sometimes it’s the visions of a better future that keep us going…

    Happy new year and all the very best carrying on walking down this path of Life… kick some ass, please. 🙂


  7. arre..dont wait for things to happen..abhi khush re..tomorrow again u will think of another day…hope u have loads of happiness in the major moments…


  8. >>I know good things will come along for me in the new year. I hope the same for all of you.

    i like that confidence. 🙂 haffy noov yearrrrr.

    P.S. how do u tag each post with so many tags? am amazed by your patience. i cant even put a title to my posts. 🙂


  9. jenny

    Hey there… a very Happy New Year to you!


  10. Jarvarm:
    Thanks, wish you an awesome year ahead too.

    I agree, goals and aspirations make good motivators. I do plan to do something good with my new life.

    White Magpie:
    Will remember. I hope you have the same and more.

    🙂 Wish you an awesom year too. How much does one need to do to click boxes?

    Thank you. Wish you the same.


  11. D

    Like your optimism. Just like I like mine 🙂


  12. well I am glad I am not perfect.. it would be so boring for myself.. how will I know myself then… LOL..


  13. D:

    I agree. 🙂


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