From you to me!


I have waited for this day  to tell you, your blessings have come true. I am not sorry for the time elapsed. I was waiting for this perfect moment to break the ice. Silences were necessary. I have made good use of them. I have had the time to reflect on what I really wanted in life.

I was distressed when you said I deserve a person like you in my life. I felt there was no one like you. I loved you for who you were; kind, generous, and loyal.  I also loved the way you loved your partner. I didn’t think a man could love me the way you loved her. I now  know there is no one like you.

I have hoped and dreamed and waited. In time I have realised that people write their own stories. Everyone is different. I have heard, watched, learned and matured.

Today I have met someone who loves me. He wants to be with me. He is nothing like you. He is his own person. I cannot quantify the emotions. I cannot categorise them. I feel loved and cared and wanted and desired. I feel blessed.

Today I realise, it wasn’t a thing or person you had wished upon me, but this blessing. Thank you.


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6 responses to “From you to me!

  1. waditi2001

    🙂 lovely!


  2. Gaizabonts:

    Thank you.


  3. i like the way how the 2nd para is all mostly how you felt about one person and the 4th is all about how the other person makes you feel.


  4. junkie_jane



  5. Theanalogkid:
    It is all about feelings isn’t it?! Most of the times any way.

    Thank you.


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