The Unit

I recently confided in a friend, a certain possibility developing in my personal life. He listened, smiled and congratulated me. He then asked me if I was aware that he would tell his wife.

Yeah, I was aware. I have been aware for a long time. Of the unit. I have grown up knowing about that unit.

My mother never dished out my secrets but she always told my father. My father reciprocated. No matter how many times I would make them promise me to keep my revelations to themselves, they always told each other. There were times when I felt betrayed. I felt they lied to me about keeping my secrets. It really annoyed me sometimes.

But I grew up knowing that no matter what, my parents were one unit. That bond instilled a lot of security as I grew up. The strength of their unit translated into the strong individual I have grown up to be. I have  the confidence they will always have each other. It is comforting.

It doesn’t come easy. That trust they share between the two of them. It is hard work. I realise as I am working towards building my own  unit. It takes a lot of strength and reassurance that you can entrust someone else’s trust into this one person knowing that it is going to be okay. Knowing that this one person wont abuse the trust you put in him.

I know this wont come easy, but I look forward to having my own unit.



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10 responses to “The Unit

  1. jr10electro

    Trust is so hard to gain, and so easy to loose. I feel that the hardest part of it all is to give again. I found this true in my life. I gave someone my trust and the time came for her to give it back, she didn’t want it anymore. I felt alone. I took a long time but i know that it will happen again. I will find someone who will keep it. Not that the girl didn’t want our mutual trust, but she didn’t want the bond of trust. The secrets we keep will always be kept, but new ones are not for her and I to keep together.

    So i guess fear not to trust, only the bond that trust makes. Trust brings commitment, commitment brings strength, strength to endure. Good luck to you…and I as well.



  2. D

    All the best!

    You’re right. The unit, as you call it, is founded on trust more than anything else.


  3. ksbabar

    ~Trust is so hard to gain, and so easy to loose.~

    i 100% agree with that Mr. jr10electro

    i think the more you will trust people the more they will trust… you may be distrusted along the way… but a time will come you will find people like you that will trust you as much as you will trust them…


    best wishes…

    i hope everyone finds their unit…


  4. Hey, congrats too on the possibility of having your own unit. Here’s hoping that it’s going to be one for life. Take care!


  5. hahah.. yeah its fun.. thats one of the good parts about marriage..


  6. If trust seeks confirmation that it won’t be abused, it is not trust. It is something else I don’t have a word for. There is no planning or thought in the unit you speak of. It exists.

    And I agree with Pallavi, it’s fun! 🙂

    PS: Curious & Off topic – why do you have your blog in your blogroll?


  7. Jeremy:
    Thank you for sharing your story, also welcome to my blog. I agree once the trust is broken it is hard to go out there. I’ve been in that spot several times. A few burnt fingers later I realised I had to go out there and give the trust/relationship/bond my best if I wanted the best in return. Good luck to you too. Thanks.

    I am impressed by your ability to sum up my posts in one line.


    I hope so too. Will keep you posted.

    🙂 !

    Question is, do I recognize my unit?

    I didn’t want my blog to feel left out. :).. And now for the truth; think I must have been trying out functions.


  8. ahem lady .. sounds like things are developing quite nicely for you x ..


  9. the unit grows with time… but i do know that some units have broken for two much spoken, too much revealed 🙂


  10. Sanny:
    Yes they are indeed. 🙂

    Hmm! That is just sad and scary at the same time.


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