Breaks, when they break you.

When the going gets tough they say that the tough should get going.

After years of trials and tribulations all the options run out. Windows of opportunity close. There is only darkness at the end of a tunnel. Some times you break. Only to bounce back. Wishing you are bouncing back higher. But not always. You know.

So you decide to take a break. How do you, knowing fully well for every second that you have stopped to take a breath and replan your life some one is stepping all over you. They are taking away your chances. Feeding on your sweat. Running ahead while you stop because you don’t know where else to go.

So you decide to take a break. No matter what. Even if it breaks you. Some times you need to stop. Forget about the competition. Rethink your options once you feel all fired up to do so. Until then breathe, relax and have fun.



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4 responses to “Breaks, when they break you.

  1. D

    You take a break even though you know that it won’t help too much: things will be just as bad when you come back. Cynical, eh?


  2. D:
    Or worse still. Who knows.


  3. Way to go.. just breathe and do other things which you did not dream of doing… explore new stuff, hobbies.. etc.. and you will see the path is shown to you anyway.. it was all just a phase..


  4. Pallavi:
    I have taken to knitting. 🙂


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