Until I come back

If I don’t write some thing now. I wont until a very long time. Conversations don’t happen easy. One needs to work on them. Keep them flowing. Keep them easy. Words are important. The intention behind them; more so.

I was to be on a journey a few hours ago. When the heart is not ready, the feet drag. This time even the flight didn’t take off.  A case in point.

The last 6 months have been a gastronomic roller coaster. I loved every second of it. Also the movies. I think Indian cinema is going leaps and bounds in it’s content, presentation, cinematography, music and acting. The script writing and direction is amazing. I feel very content at this instant.

Self preservation, isn’t being cynical. Neither is protecting oneself. But if  the plunge is not taken one cannot know what lies ahead.  I would not recommend being reckless but once, just once let go. Jump. That second is very liberating.

The journey so far has been amazing.Between learning a new language, meeting people and connecting with the masses,  I realised one does not need any particular language to communicate, connect and make friendships.

I have fallen in love. With a city I called mine but didn’t know. Today I feel equipped to know why I like this city with everything I know about it, more importantly inspite of everything I don’t. I will miss Mumbai like I have never before.

I will be back; with all that I wanted to say  but didn’t find the words to do so.

I promise.



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10 responses to “Until I come back

  1. will miss you, but not! 🙂


  2. D

    It’s true but it’s contradictory – how words are so important and how we don;t really need a language to communicate.


  3. Promise to be back soon! And here’s something for you: Oh, The Places You’ll Go!


  4. Gaizabonts:

    Hmm, I suppose it is the handicap of limited vision.

    I do. 🙂 That was one long piece of write up/ poetry.


  5. Duhita

    I wonder will I see you here again? 🙂


  6. i wasn’t even here when you left 😦
    just wanted to say that i wont be strolling in here with a cigarette no more. wish i didn’t get so busy in the last few days.

    go out. see.


  7. gina

    dont come back


  8. Duhita:
    Oh you will. It is only matter of time.

    Now you are back and how. Am extremely proud of you. I know what you have done is hard. I also know you love yourself enough and those around you. So thank you. Just so you know, with or without a cigarette you are always welcome.

    This is my blog you know! 🙂


  9. Happy Diwali to you! 🙂


  10. Thanks a bunch Canary. Nice to know you are around.


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