Just a little push!

It is one thing to dream, quite another to get up and do something about it.

It is an absolutely different ball game to help some one else achieve their dream.

I have never been fond of the phrase ” It will be fine” Eventually everything does turn out fine. Probably we get used to the situation that it appears we are fine. Real help would be for some one to show a way around the problem. Unfortunately what works for one does not work for another. Then there is always ego.

Not reaching out for help can be part ego. Could also be part denial. Accepting a problem, a short coming, a neglected fact needs a certain degree of humility. Most times we are fighting so hard against the failures we experience that not much is left within us. It has never been easy accepting defeat.

In a situation like that just a little push can change your world for ever. The right amount; not too over bearing, not superficial either. How does one know the right amount, I haven’t figured out yet. All I know when someone is doing it right, it shows.



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10 responses to “Just a little push!

  1. First step is acceptance and then the rest slowly becomes easy.
    If you look at it as defeat. you may step two steps back.. but if you look at it as a lesson, you will take 4 steps forward..

    So here you go.. a PUSH from me.. to see the goal, the big picture… the reason why you are here today.. and to leap forward to your future created by you.. 🙂


  2. D

    Get what you’re saying: the kind of help that often comes without asking, subtly, giving you the optimum amount of push or prod – just enough to set the ball rolling… It’s the kind of help that will never make you feel you were helpless before, it simply empowers you with the knowledge that you can do it. And then you do.


  3. Pallavi:
    Thank you, I am marching ahead. 😀



  4. We may get pieces of advise from well-meaning friends but in the end, we all decide for ourselves.


  5. I totally didn’t get anything. Please also write something for lay men like me….


  6. Abaniko:
    I think one should always exercise his right to think. After all advice is just another person’s way of thinking. Eventually we have to live with the consequences of our own thinking.

    * doing a lil bum wiggling dance* You are back!!!! You know my posts are written in plain English. They make perfect sense! Perhaps you want to try and not make associations with what you know beyond this blog and try and read only what is written here with an open mind and things might be a little more clear. Wanna try that some time?


  7. you’re right when you say that what works for one doesnt work for the other.. but then you can always push and try to make it work for the other. Ego’s something that proves quite destructive in the long run and if you could shed it, the world would be a diff. place. but then, even if you give it up, it would be hard convincing the others to do the same. So, its a vicious circle this and one can only push and push harder to make it work for urself and the others too… we can try sans the ego… i mostly agree with what you have to say…
    my first visit to this fine blog.. 🙂 i’ll be coming back.


  8. sorabh

    great to c u again

    i always wondered about u…
    i am very happy


  9. its like a catalyst in a chemical reaction. all it does is a “gentle push” without affecting the end product. without it, the reaction might not even be possible. and the same catalyst doesnt work for all reactions. 🙂


  10. Deepak:
    Welcome to my blog. Thank you for voicing your thought process. I think egos are self destructive. But what does one do with their defence mechanisms.

    And me about you. For some reason you showed up on the blog feeder. Good to connect with you again. I am guessing you are done with Architecture now.

    Well said. You have an amazing quality of saying a lot with the least amount of words.


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