Comment space.

This space should really be called a discussion board. It is definitely wrongly labelled as some people are fooled into thinking the space available is to dish out their perspective of the blog writer.

For me personally, the only words I jot down for a comment are the ones that start to take meaning when I am reading a post. An emotion ignited, a thought invoked or a memory reminded are what I tend to write for a comment.

Officially I think this space is for a discussion. Not to go dissing on the blog writer. Only few gather that concept and even fewer work on it.

I agree with that a reaction to a comment speaks volumes of one’s own self.

Having said that, I enjoy comments that include experience, analogy, thoughts emotion and even humour. I want to believe I have taken criticism well, improved on correction, and learnt from other thought processes.

What I hope I haven’t done is let people walk all over me. That is not some thing I had signed up for.



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5 responses to “Comment space.

  1. most people find it difficult to focus on the subject of discussion, without getting personal.


  2. Dharmabum:
    I wonder why? Considering a blog is medium of exchange of ideas. Not a medium to socialise.


  3. Gaizabonts:
    Glad you do.


  4. its always nice to good comments.. gives lot of encouragement and a feeling of wellbeing that we are not alone.. and well its helpful…


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