All about a bus.

The kind you missed a long time ago. You know it. Repent it. Learn to live with it. It is harsh when it insists on making it’s presence felt. This time, the front seat is occupied. That seat offering the best view is long taken.

Yet you board the bus. Muster courage and take a back seat. At a pre decided destination you leave. With dignity. Realising there was a very solid reason you didn’t get on it,  the first time round.



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9 responses to “All about a bus.

  1. are you sure you were writing about a bus? i can apply it to the relationships in my life. 🙂


  2. D

    And then there are buses you never want to board. But because that’s the only way you, you board it, regret it and live with it without knowing where you’re headed.


  3. So very true lady… Hope all is well?


  4. and wait till the first seat gets empty. The first seater will always have to to get down at its stop.. 🙂

    Till you get your stop.. nod off for a while.. and enjoy the breeze.. as the bus rolls by.. 🙂



  5. D

    There’s an award waiting for you at my blog!


  6. Reminds me of some of my friends in college at Delhi, who used to gaze longing at a DTC Bus route No. 620, which terminated at IIT Gate! They didn’t get onto THAT bus, even when they did board it. 😛

    There are just too many buses I have missed, some even when I was at the right place at the right time only to see it stop in front of me and then rush off without me. But then there were also many I hopped on and off – guess in the long run things even out ?!


  7. theanalogkid:
    You will get used to my posts. I forget my own context at times after all the ambiguity. 🙂

    Have done a post on regrets. I stand by my claim. Don’t regret a thing. 😀

    Grey Shades:
    All is super! Thanks for stopping by. How are you?

    I think I’ll nod off for a bit now. I suppose my stop isn’t here yet. 🙂
    Thank you, hugs to you too.

    I sure hope so!


  8. nice analogy………!!!

    some times the view fron the back seat is way better…it’s about perspective!!!!


  9. Rahul:
    I think when one does take the back seat, the view changes and perspectives thereafter.


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