There was a time I knew the numbers. In order. I could be woken up in the middle of the night and I would rattle them. In the right order.  After a deliberate attempt I have now lost the ability. To know if I will survive. Some times I find you lurking in places that leave me wondering. Wondering if  I hadn’t lost the order would life be any different.



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4 responses to “Order.

  1. D

    You will never know that. But thank god you know the freedom that comes with losing the order.


  2. i lost order. deliberately. life is very different. i lost my favorite sweater and a favorite plectrum on a single day. i had not lost anything before.
    yeah its fun to be not living with order. :-/


  3. order is always difficult to master. and yet to give it away even more so. and there’s so much of it happening all the time. without and within. i am glad i am back here.

    with a reluctant cigarette nonetheless 🙂


  4. sometimes there is order in chaos.. 🙂


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