Friends come calling…

Some images just stay. If I had a huge crush on XYZ when I was 13 and a friend then was party to my madness, then that is all this friend remembers. Really doesn’t matter 17 years later I don’t wear pig tails, think Amitabh Bacchan is the hottest and can actually write prescription drugs. The image of 13 year old with a huge crush on some loser wont leave me. I have learnt to live with it. I don’t know if I will ever learn to enjoy being bracketed but I am learning how to be okay with it.

Misunderstandings are bound to happen. In friendships. Even in those that you have known all your life. When the sync in communication is lost, no matter how many times one talks things out; the relationship is lost for ever.

Some times a friend walks back into your life. A phone call and some deliberation later you meet. By the sea. Share a coffee and a sandwich. The carbs not only soothe the body. They do an amazing job for the mind. In a world where people are scared to venture beyond the customary;what’s up, we talk. Conversations have become rare, I realise. Are you happy is not a question frequently cared for? Or even understood. I talk my heart out. More importantly I listen.

I realised if I wanted to I can still reconnect. I just to need to hear the calling.



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7 responses to “Friends come calling…

  1. Hmm… very thoughtful. I can relate to the ‘You had a crush on XYZ at 13!’ being the only memory remaining in a friend. That’s the reason why I don’t really want to connect back with friends in my past who have had their hurting digs at me.

    ‘Are you happy?’ is so profound, it seems to have the overbearing weight which prevents it from being used in conversations.


  2. I used to have very close friends in the past but when I met up with them after several years of being away from each other, we realize we have nothing much in common anymore except for some shared memories. Then, it’s time to let go and let new friendships form separately.


  3. happens, no matter how strong our friendship/relationship may be – there comes a time where we become distant for some reason or another. i wish it was as easy to accept this and let things be but sometimes we hold onto the hurt and angusih that we felt as we grew distant and tehn things can never really be the same until we trully let these feelings go from within. Sometimes we come back together and you you trully to feel free from the thoughts that created the distance in the first place, you welcome the person back or then as in my case you just let things be and feel indifferent about the whole situation. Also, my experience tells me that they usually come back.


  4. you just need to hear the calling or sometimes just need to call.. I have felt the same.. its nice when I am busy with my usual stuff and responsibilities and my friends pull me out for a cuppa tea and general talk… its refreshing..


  5. Kriss Bass:
    In my experience, if you earnest ask some one, they will tell you they genuinely feel. I don’t think we really care enough to know.

    I have had to learn this the hard way. I am figuring out ways to make the old and the new work.

    I am not sure which is worse. Dealing with them when they are back, or never having them on your life again.

    True that too!


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