I breathe, I live.

I’ve been a bad girl last weekend. Revealed well kept secrets. Drank too much beer. In that order. Took the liberty. Got drunk.I was with a friend. It was liberating to know, I didn’t have to take care of me. Calculate my words. Judge myself. Being bad last weekend was the best thing I have done for myself in years.

I’ve adopted a new family. My Spanish language basic level course classmates. We have been growing together for the last 6 weeks. Learning to spell, write, speak and even sing. We are learning about  new countries, new culture, different history and very different people. And yet we share a sense of belonging to this other world non of us have visited. Each member has a story of their own. A different energy. Another life beyond the one we have started in this class. I love this new family. Reminds me how much there is in this world beyond me.

My faith is shaken. So am I. What does one deserve? Really? Death? Failure? And why? When? Who decides and what is the criteria. If it was alright why do I feel the way I do? I don’t have answers but I know that in time I will see differently. As, I will know better. Like they say, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. I know this too shall pass.

Life is happening. I am glad. These days it doesn’t really take much for it to be taken away.



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7 responses to “I breathe, I live.

  1. interesting to see, thanks


  2. D

    It’s good to be drunk. It’s even better to have friends you can get drunk with.


  3. Deanjbaker:
    🙂 Thanks for dropping by.

    I don’t particularly enjoy the aftermath of too much alcohol. I like the feeling of being able to let go.


  4. I like getting a little tipsy. But not more than that. But now off it.

    And I really don’t get the drift of the post though. Would it be unchaste of me if I asked you to explain further?

    Spanish, by the way, is something that my boyfriend’s been wanting to teach me. He thinks that’s the most useful foreign language to learn after well, maybe it’s wrong to label it as one, English.


  5. you need to teach me spanish too – and drunken doc is good 🙂 live and let your hair down


  6. ohh its so good being a bad girl.. more power to you..


  7. Kris Bass:
    I enjoy being tipsy. Unfortunately I think I am stuck up about getting drunk for drunk sake

    I am not sure what you don’t understand and what you want to know. If it is the context you seek, that will be a toughie!

    I agree Spanish is the most widely used language. How ever Mandarin remains the most commonly spoken language.

    Como estas? Seniorita! Absolutely, that is the mantra I live by.

    Thanks. 😀


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