Nurturing is a lot of responsibility. It entails providing the best within one’s means. It also entails teaching the difference between right and wrong. Probably one of the most challenging feat. Not only does one need to know what is right and wrong for himself( as this matter itself is debatable) but also be able to assert themselves.

Assertion does not mean arrogance. When there is belief in one’s conviction, being clear becomes far more important than being loud. Lack of expression too is a form of assertion. Maturity to know the difference, is not an easy attribute to acquire.

When is it right to assert. When does one let the other fall. Knowing it is important for others to learn to rise.



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  1. D

    And then there’s the difference between assertiveness and aggression. Often people mistake one for the other.


  2. Assertion is without inflection.. and Aggression is with it..


  3. Pallavi:
    One would hope to remember.


  4. You girls are good at philosophy, aren’t you? Us girls 😉 are more good at rants!


  5. Kris Bass:
    Why do I get the feeling we are going to make good girl friends! 🙂


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