Vote of confidence.

Has any one been following today’s proceddings at the Lok Sabha?

It is scary and disappointing to see who it is that represents our country. The complete lack of discipline and disregard for the speaker is appalling.

Will some one please tell these people, being loud and rowdy does not translate into being right. If this is what represents the chosen one, no surprise the country is in a state of chaos.

I don’t see any point in telling each rickshaw driver ( some thing I think is my moral and social responsibility) that his meter runs atΒ  a wrong rate or his constant attempt to take me through windy routes wont make him rich. The indiscipline is much deeper routed.




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8 responses to “Vote of confidence.

  1. D

    Are we really surprised? Didn’t we already know this?


  2. D:
    And what has ‘we’ done about it? I don’t think turning a blind eye has ever helped any one.


  3. yes yes.. that is the talk of the hour..
    My parents were closely watching this..
    Man what chaos.. !! I thought school children were better.


  4. D

    I agree. The least ‘we’ can do is go voting when elections come – , something that most of urban India does not do – so that we can choose our leaders.


  5. Incidentally a leader cannot always please his/her followers all the time. Maybe the leaders who created the ruckus were able to please their followers if not all of them. Depends which side of the fence you are sitting…unless you are sitting on the fence – then god help you.


  6. Neo

    it was a disappointment. not a single minute was spent on discussing the details of Ndeal or why is it beneficial.

    but i totally agree with jolly – one cnt afford to sit on a fence of ignorance anymore.

    btw thanks for dropping by…


  7. As Pallavi says it was worse than school kids. I should know coz my kids watching it in rapt attention saud the Speaker’s job seems worse than a teacher’s. πŸ˜€


  8. Pallavi:
    Laugh of the day it was and a very sad state of affairs too.

    I suppose there is not much to chose from and hence the hesitation. Each politician is worse than the other.

    Some times, being a leader or a representative isn’t about appeasement. It is about having a vision for the people they represent and then doing the right by the people who have entrusted their faith in you.

    It was ghastly. I agree. I am a regular reader of your blog and I doubt that was my first comment. πŸ™‚



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