The fine lines.

When asking for help. Where do you stop. When do you start becoming a nuisance?

When reaching some one via an email. Do you write at each address you know or trust the one you know is commonly used.

Not reacting to an irritant might eventually end a relationship any way. Would you risk telling the truth to avoid future misunderstandings.

Pessimism is a view point so is being practical. One is not synonymous with the other. As one still harbours hope.

Attention and being over bearing. Really really fine line there.



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9 responses to “The fine lines.

  1. D

    So true, all of it.


  2. Hmmm if that person is very close and will not mind hearing it, I will risk telling it .. but heck if its just an acquaintance..I would not bother so much.. to each his own.. I would think..


  3. The lines may not be in the same place or the same thickness for every person – so its best to be who we are.



    Oh #2 Is the one that gets me. Funny how when you’re desperate, even three email ids are not enough.

    And that last one…so true! Sometimes I worry about that fine line cause I am insanely observant about things that I now think twice before I point it out, lest I appear…you got it…Overbearing!


  5. @ #3 – i mostly always do. anb bluntly. and it isn’t usually well taken but what the hell!


  6. No matter how much we obsess over this, it may be never be the right thing. Everyone has their own perspective about it.


  7. D:
    I am glad to see you agree.

    Fair enough.

    What happens when doesn’t like the person we are we want to change the parameters of the lines we keep?


    No it never is taken well. But I like a clear conscience.

    And I am expressing mine. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.


  8. when do u start becoming a nuisance?? well,when the other person stops helping u!!! a smart person will see that coming


  9. Nisha:
    Hmm, if one was smart enough he would know better. Don’t you think?


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