Incomplete information is a dangerous thing. Like that of a doctor. A physician only knows the ill-effects of bad life style aka lack of exercise, smoking, alcohol binges, drug abuse.A physician after studying for a minimum of eight years cannot fathom the romance of a smoke, or the freedom of expression in a painting. What he sees or perceives is what he is trained to.  This limitation is frustrating at times.

Combining the effect of limited knowledge with an even limited perception of everything around us creates a paradox. Most people inspite of knowing better or knowing it all tend to do exactly what they know they shouldn’t. Doctors included. The reason I am using doctors as an example is because I have noticed that some how doctors have the onus of knowing it all, doing it all and being the most noble. Nothing makes me laugh more as I think given a chance doctors know the least, live in the most delirium and are probably the most arrogant of the lot inspite of being the least paid community in our society.

So be irked with me for having issues with people smoking, refuse to listen when I fuss about need for diet control when the sugar in your body is affecting your nerves or call me non-philosophical when I see a disturbed mind associated with an abstract painting. 16 year olds have alcohol related liver issues, 24 year olds have been admitted for an athersclerotic mini stroke, drugged girls are getting raped and killed.

I wish I could enjoy the freedom you enjoy. I can’t. I am plagued by limited knowledge and paranoia that comes with it.



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6 responses to “Paranoia

  1. D

    Now that you’ve ranted eloquently, can we please tell you to “Chill!”


  2. I’d agree with D – Chill Girl! Take a break 🙂


  3. Little knowledge is always dangerous.. at the rest..



    You know, I have often wondered about this – about how you doctors handle this. While I love reading up on health news and advice columns, it often leaves me feeling scared & wary after being made aware of the many things that can go wrong. So how do you deal with it? I totally understand your state of paranoia. While mine is in small doses, yours is magnified on a daily basis.


  5. D, Jolvin:
    I can chill alright. But there is no place for ignorance or apathy towards realities of life.

    You bet!

    I think there is a degree of detachment that one adopts.


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