Take not give.

You take an exam not give an exam when you are being examined.

Really for the last time you take it not give it.



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7 responses to “Take not give.

  1. Seirously, I just don’t keep track anymore. I can’t even remember which one is used in India & which one in North America. I just say: I’VE GOT AN EXAM ON whatever day it is. There!

    and now that I am running the word exam in my head, it’s lost all meaning. Sigh…


  2. this needs to be examined further…


  3. D

    Only if the examiners knew that as well!


  4. like take a test? what happens when it is something like the doctors examination – does it still hold good? and is it the same for brit and americans?


  5. Lolll… In-glish driving you up the wall eh? 😉


  6. Ms Cute Pants:
    I didn’t know take and give were interchangeable depending on American or British English. Will look into it.

    I will concur that the phrase will change depending on it’s usage, how ever when one is going to write an exam he is taking it not giving it.

    The tag will be up shortly.


    Yes like take a test. You get examined when you visit the doctor. Again wasn’t aware of the regional difference. Shall look into it.

    Grey Shades;
    Oh! So you got it.


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