More than one muscle.

I would like to talk to the person who spread wrong information about smiles. Who said we use only one muscle. I have noticed in my recent photographs, I have wrinkles at the temples  on both sides when I smile. May be I smile too wide, The additional pressure gets transmitted to skin and muscle and shows up at the temples. I don’t know.

Looks like a lot of muscle to me. They actually look like tiny horns that come up with a big smile. I think they got it the other way round. When I frown I have nothing to speak of.



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7 responses to “More than one muscle.

  1. D

    Where did you get that info? On the contrary, I read that smiling is the best exercise for your face because all your facial muscles are used in that?


  2. Ha I get told that my smile is too wide :\


  3. actually smile uses quite a lot of muscles!!!!
    my smile is literally from ear to ear….a real toothy grin :P….and this is the only exercise I do :P!!!!


  4. D:
    You sound more accurate. I was referring to the saying where they say a smile only tenses a single muscle while a frown does more. Or may be it was about burning calories. I forget now.

    I ain’t complaining. 😉

    Ha ha ha ha!


  5. How about this for motivation to smile.

    You look prettier when you smile & your eyes sparkle…you look alive & well.


  6. Since smiling involves a lot of muscles, it should be a good exercise then. Keep smiling. I suppose it makes you young. 🙂


  7. MCP:
    Awwe that is so sweet. You bet it is motivation enough!

    Ha ha it does appear to be working my facial muscles.


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