Some thought.

Making wrong right isn’t about whose fault it is. It is more about letting go of pain, memories and ego.

Who ever said relationships were easy.



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5 responses to “Some thought.

  1. Sigh! So many old memories here…


  2. Dr. Phil?

    Just kidding…


  3. Chief, if you can forego your ego completely, you can say goodbye to all the conflicts whether it is at work, home or anywhere in the world.


  4. Grey Shades:
    Dude it is time you start writing your blog again.

    I hope not. Can’t stand that fake-o-zoid.

    White Magpie:
    Hrm! And that is the hardest, isn’t it?


  5. Letting go is harder.. have been there.. but cannot express the freedom once you have let go.. the options are many and exciting..
    More power to you ..


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