Mia Cucina

I did not write any thing for the longest time as I thought I could not do justice to my experiences with food and good times. I don’t know how to write reviews. I am not a professional critique. Yet I want to add two bits of my experiences in every new city that I have been to.

I went out for lunch with my cousin’s last afternoon. Original plan was to go to Thai Ban. That was closed yesterday so we walked down the street to Mia Cucina as a second choice.

This is a small cosy restaurant at an offshoot road of Ambedkar road in Pali Hill. Has limited seating capacity so there can be a long waiting line. That is worth it methinks. The food was awesome, decor soothing and staff pleasant. Some of the dishes have hiked prices. Might try them another time. I highly recommend the breads and Char grilled chicken with spinach.
The place didn’t have some of the drinks we ordered, and we didn’t have deserts. So that calls for another trip.

PS: I will try and get photos of places that I visit. I think it is time for me to get my camera out.


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