Time, distance, experience, culture, background and memories make different people out of us. Who I loved when I was 15 is not the same person. Today that person is not even what I want to love at 30.

I have changed just like you have. I don’t like you now. Don’t fret. Some times I don’t even like me.



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12 responses to “Friendships

  1. True and long-lasting friendships are hard to find.


  2. Over time, we enter and leave friendships. That’s okay. It’s expected. The changes in relationships are nothing but a part of the dynamics in life.


  3. leafless:
    Some times it is too much work to maintain a long lasting friendship. Some times it is just too much.

    I wouldn’t mind a change in relationship as long as it was in sync with how I was changing as a person. The constant I don’t do that any more. I am not the same person gets to me at times.


  4. only change is constant, everything else changes including you and me.


  5. Things change – memories remain constant


  6. me

    pls dont hate me….I like you…u liked me when i was 15…i will change so that you can still like me when you are 30 year oldie


  7. I love it! Totaally. Everyone would relate to this one.

    (Although I do sometimes wonder how some childhood friends go on to become best friends for eternity… sometimes even ending up as partners in marriage. :-/ …Life is weird).

    Tagged u in my recent post, by the way.


  8. it hasn’t happened with me. ive maintained the best friend i had when i was 6 or when i was 22. sometimes its just abt expectations…when u love ur friends, accept them for who they are and know they will be thr whenevr u want them… time, distance, changes…nothing matters. its when u expect a lot more, friendships change.


  9. Rahul:
    I suppose how much one can deal with that change is what really counts.

    Sad but true and hence the perception of all future interactions. Clouding of my thought process can lead to devastating effects.

    If you don’t like yourself enough to change yourself at the drop of a hat, how can you expect me to like you?

    Thanks, and thanks again. Will come around and check out the tag.

    I am almost jealous that you could maintain your friendships for so long. Expectations could be one reason, personalities, views, interests,lifestyles, value systems to mention a few could be the other reasons why relationships become harder to maintain.


  10. so true, so true!


  11. Sometimes yes..
    But I do agree..

    Someone I loved at 18 told me ” you cannot live without me”
    I say today… thank god I am living without you.. .hahahah !!!


  12. Maren:
    Thank you. 🙂

    Ha ha ha!


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