Not just another cliche.

I have been trying to remember what I did with the last person I completely genuinely abhorred. Avoidance strikes me as the thing I would do. Worse still I have been very vocal of my feelings. I think it is better to be honest and hurt the person once over being hurtful over and over again by one’s confusing behaviour.

Yet honesty is rare and hard to find. Some times even in a brutally blunt person like me.

After much reflection, I have realised that I am least honest with the people I pretend I am closest too. I avoid confrontation,  ignore  irritation, and look past the unavoidable. I contradict my own principle of good communication is essential for thriving relationships.

I am well aware that for no fault of any one, it is possible to feel creepy in another human being’s company. Some times for no reason at all we just can’t stand a person. Things get complicated when such a person even develops feelings for us. No matter how much you crawl within your skin at the thought, for them it is the principle of what one can’t have is the one thing they crave working on them. In over drive at that.

What should one do in such situations? The right answer is the obvious answer. It is the option least exercised. After all who minds  attention. And I quote Phish here.

All I can say after many attempts at not using another cliché on my blog, to be kind some times you need to be cruel. So be it. At least try.



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6 responses to “Not just another cliche.

  1. You’re honest to people you “pretend” you’re close to? Erm

    Being cruel is a good thing only so you’re at the risk of being called the “other” kind of person. And the other things that come with it. Guess it all still remains the same, nevertheless.


  2. Rohit:
    I don’t think I feel close to any one any more. There is too much civility political correctness and appropriateness in all relationships. Yet I take a chance, lest I might actually have a real relationship.


  3. Yet I take a chance, lest I might actually have a real relationship.

    thats what makes the wheels turn, the seasons pass and our blogs full


  4. theanglokid:
    I am not sure who you are quoting. Got the wrong blog post did you? 🙂


  5. Ctrl-F for “lest I might actually have a real relationship” in this page 🙂

    hey and its analog.. not “anglo”.. dyslexic? 😀


  6. Ha ha ha ha evidently. Thanks gotcha. Also I have learnt about ctrl F. 😀

    You should visit here more often. 🙂


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