Just saying.

It isn’t true that homo sapiens is the only species that kills itself. Ants, mice and other lowly species are well known to kill their own.

Comfort is an illusion. So is love, confidence, security, compatibility.

We believe what we want to, we also listen to what we want to. Some how we even manage to filter all that we don’t want to hear.

People are resistant to change. Be it clothes, food, hair colour, their follies. Radical changes takes courage.

The cliché about those that laugh the loudest hurt the most isn’t really true. A genuine laugh doesn’t come out of pain. Pain almost always shows through.

Insecurity is worse than having half a limb. There is no correlation between fact and feeling. Those that have it all seem most insecure.



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7 responses to “Just saying.

  1. All true.and all very well written.


  2. and i am plagued by it as well. almost all of me, almost all the time. i wish these werent true.


  3. I think you jus summarized my erstwhile blog in one post! 🙂


  4. Nisha:
    Sad no? Thanks

    I wish too.

    Always a pleasure when you pass by.

    Grey Shades::
    The one you have been ignoring for so long???


  5. 🙂 thats the one! Its not been ignored. More like shutdown. Thinking of starting a new one but not quite sure if I want to…


  6. Grey Shades:
    Do tell what ever you decide.


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