Ambition, smiles and conversations.

I have all it takes. The ambition. The personality. I walk the walk, talk the talk. Like they say. What I don’t have is the first measure of approval. Some how I need to pass that hurdle. I need help. Sooner I realize the better it will be.

Hard work, dedication, intelligence, integrity, ambition. Aren’t just fancy adjectives. They are very real; I was once told.

My point, when you know so much, why is there no chance. That one chance I need. There is a big disconnect between realizing a fact and acting upon a faith.

I’ve done my part. Time for you to pull up your socks. You wont regret it. Even you know that.



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5 responses to “Ambition, smiles and conversations.

  1. But life is not fair and is not expected to be. It’s a sad reality.


  2. its all greed. so accept it. there goes the hurdle.


  3. leafless:
    And accepting life as it is, almost sounds like defeat don’t you think?

    Doing the best I can.

    White Magpie:
    Aspirations are greed, did you say? * confused, very confused*


  4. yes … i also think so.


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