Addicted at Mohali.

It is an ordeal to restrict addictions. You know too much is bad, but you really can’t stop yourself. Till one day you see the side effects and you make a decision. Enough is enough. It is over when you say it is.

Then you get invited. To Mohali. Punjab Cricket Association Stadium to be precise. For those that this name means nothing would not understand the addiction I talk about. For the rest of you, you understand why I couldn’t resist.

I can’t claim to know it all. Why do I fancy bowlers more than batsmen. Why the trip to Lord’s was a dream come true. I cannot explain. Why does Iqbal strike a cord each time I watch it. How I miss my childhood when I see children play cricket on the streets.

Why is this addiction I don’t know. It is there. It is tangible. 3 hours of being in proximity with the names you have heard, cheered, identified with, even prayed for makes the addiction so much more worth it.


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