Rewriting myself.

The one thing I have realized about myself is the determination I show when I take on a project. Some times I can be mad about it. Like calling some one endless times just to prove a point to myself more than them. But that point is well seated in a deep corner of my head. The kind of corner that responds to recall triggers most efficiently. Lest I forget.

So when I decided I was going to find myself a husband, I really didn’t know what I was up for. Here is what I did. I first found several of close friends and family who have actually found a partner on the existing sites. I gathered a data base of expectations that people have from the opposite party. I tried and analyzed the perceptions people create when they read profiles.

I registered myself at 4 marriage sites. I zealously wrote about myself. My passion for my work. My love for theater and travel. My interest in cooking. About my personality, habits, expectations. I was being honest.

However, being honest is not the smartest move in this game; I find. This is after all catalog shopping for a mate. Considering there are parents, siblings and potential suitors all reading your profile, it has to be tailor made to catch their eye. The profile has to appear non threatening.

A week into this project and I have re-written my profile. A part of me is torn between finding a man who will take me for who I am. The other part wants to win this game on it’s own terms. Those terms don’t work in the favour of independent, opinionated, career-oriented honest women I have to sadly say. But then again if I am all of that and more I am determined not to let the system get to me. I will get to the system.



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4 responses to “Rewriting myself.

  1. Duhita

    Is it time I re-write mine as well? 😀


  2. Duhita:
    That is some thing only you can answer for yourself.


  3. hmm.
    the eternal profile. the subtle blend of intelligent, sexy, homely, good looking and devoted. don’t write it the third time around, let me do it for you.

    i cannot promise you the best suitor, but the most interesting, certainly.


  4. Phish:
    Wont re-write again. Not just yet! If I ever have to, you’ve got yourself a project.


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