Take 2 hot headed people;equally stubborn with huge egos.  Marinate with intense passion. Sprinkle some love and top it off with  a solid friendship. Add a third person for the spicy edge.You get six years worth of unending stories. For me it was a once in a life time phenomenon.

A phenomenon that encompassed conversations,  friendship, togetherness, loyalty, love, romance, secrets. Intermingled was pain, betrayal,disrespect and heart break.

No matter how painful, one has to put right before happiness.A decision was  made and stuck by. With such stringency that even dreams would not dare give concessions.

Been half a decade since. Of a lot of effort. Banishing thoughts of crossing paths. Wondering at the same time if I was ever to cross that path what would be the one question I would like to ask. Having thought of it every single day since, I reckon the question is obvious. The answer not so much. People aren’t as forthcoming as they used to be.

Today I want to remember the excitement, happiness, tingling, dizziness euphoria. For no particular reason. Reality is far removed from this all. But for now I want to indulge in the memories that still bring a smile to my face.



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7 responses to “Indulgences.

  1. I find we have different ways of remembering the past and our stories of this can take the form of tragedy, romance, comedy, etc. I prefer structure my memories and stories as comedy because I rather like laughter.


  2. “Take 2 hot headed people;equally stubborn with huge egos. Marinate with intense passion. Sprinkle some love and top it off with a solid friendship. Add a third person for the spicy edge.” – are you stalking me, Ma’am? 😀

    I like to re-live those moments (not neccesarily those MEMORIES, but the feelings, yes..)… that “dizzy dancing way that you feel” (Both Sides Now, Joni Mitchell.. also comes in Love Actually soundtrack.. WONDERFUL song!)… with my music… it has taken me a long time to come to this place where those happy love songs no longer torture me, but I’m here now – yay!

    It truly is fun, isn’t it? To indulge yourself. 🙂

    PS: Just in case you wanted to know… “six years’ worth” has an apostrophe… 😉


  3. Nick:
    Patterns we map on our brain is in our hands to a certain degree I suppose. I think I like comedy too.

    No I haven’t been stalking you. Seems like we are living similar lives in our own universe.


  4. sometimes its just the memories that we have…beautiful or ugly, we cherish them deep down.
    just hope, they always make you smile.


  5. Gimme excitement, thrill, happiness and whatever comes in its wake.

    *better to have lived and lost than…* – or thats my paraphrase of the saying 😛


  6. Shankari:
    Works for me. And well. 🙂


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