Don’t get me wrong.

I write like I talk. One can have long convoluted never ending sentences when one has audiences as generous as I do with their listening capacity. Also one can get away with mispronunciation of words and blame it on accent. How ever how does one write badly constructed grammatically wrong sentences with spelling mistakes, have a blog visit count of over a 100 a day for the past year and not one comment regarding the terrible language skill.

I have had only 2 bloggers in the 3 years of my blogging activity point out a mistake to me. Don’t get me wrong. I am not giving away free tickets for every one to correct me. How ever I wonder if all of you are way too polite to say anything or no one really reads my blog.



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11 responses to “Don’t get me wrong.

  1. I do read your blogs, all of them. I haven’t noticed, may be my eyes are not that discerning.


  2. Rishi

    If it’s mistake, it can be pointed out. If it seems like personal style (right or wrong), it’s rude to. Just like going to someone’s house and commenting on their decor. A fallen magazine on floor can of course be pointed… Just an opinion.


  3. haven’t noticed any…..since the time I am reading the blog.


  4. Good grammar and spelling ain’t necessarily good communication! You communicate well.


  5. Satya:
    I write long windy sentences.That isn’t right in my mind methinks. I write only one blog most regularly if that. I guess you mean posts? πŸ˜›

    I thought as much. This is what stops me from correcting some one else’s spelling errors or grammatical errors. Thanks for sharing your opinion. πŸ™‚

    You are just too kind methinks. πŸ™‚

    Thank you. πŸ™‚ I have to concur though, communication is the essential. Everything else is secondary.


  6. As for me, I don’t mind occasional spelling and grammatical errors. As long as the thought is there and the message is conveyed well, it’s fine by me.


  7. Now you are just asking to be pointed out wrong. Sure I will oblige. I love to criticize. It’s like a hobby I can always find time to work on.


  8. i don’t think we are here to point out wrongs and rights. especially in grammar. puritan as i am about those things, i try and shed all of that to get a better essence of a person. and her emotional being.

    that is the reason why i blog and come and read others. infrequent, as i am, i am forever touched by how and what you write. not by the science of it all. but something else that is still to be figured.


  9. Abaniko:
    I guess that works for most of us. I do find that language is losing it’s importance by our attitude towards communication.

    I wonder what have I signed for? πŸ™‚

    I have worked very hard on improving my writing skills. I just want to improve. Be effective in my communication. I have received several comments telling me how my posts don’t make sense to any one. They appear to make sense to you. I am happy.


  10. ALISSA

    for me i dont care about grammar as long as we understand your sentence..


  11. Alissa:
    Thanks. And welcome to my blog.


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