The common thread.

I wonder some times the common thread between all the people that like me. What they see, hear or read. Some thing in themselves makes some thing in me acceptable.

More pertinently I wonder what is the common thread between people who don’t like me. The friends who became strangers, the lovers that have become hurtful memories, family members who don’t recognise me and a part of me that never understands myself.

If all these people had to come together and exchange notes, I am curious what they will find in common. Some thing about me for sure. My money how ever is on what they will find common in themselves.



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9 responses to “The common thread.

  1. What a fresh insight. I’ve never thought from this angle before. Now I wonder myself, too. But thinking about it now, I’m sure they don’t share the same things. For instance some like us for our physical attributes, some for our ideas, for our character, etc. Perhaps, the most important thing is that, those people who matter to us find us likable. At least, majority of them.


  2. am forever thinking of the same. yet, i cannot ever pin down anything that they would agree upon. most people who know me (or knew me) liked me. and the those who didn’t, didn’t for the very same reasons.

    especially when you talk about lovers. i don’t know what to think. i wonder why you trod this path today. i would love to know the source of this rather than try and comment on this.



  3. similarly, sometimes i wonder if i could be good friends of my friends’ friends. (Friendster helps alot)… and not being friendly might have me miss out some of the most wonderful moments life has to offer.


  4. Abaniko:
    The question in front of us is about people who don’t like us. What aspect of do they not like. What aspect in them, makes that aspect in us not likeable.

    I believe in energy transfer. I believe in common threads. I believe that cells react with one other. I wonder what reactions cause like and dislike. I am the same person at any given time. I have different reflections depending on not only where one sees me from but also what the window of reference I am being perceived by. Hence I believe not so much as me, but as in them lies the answer to why they like or dislike me.

    Good luck making many friends.


  5. I think you are on target.

    There is a story about a man who moved into a town and asked a long time resident what to tell him what the people in the town were like. The resident asked the man to describe the folks in the town he where he had last lived.

    The man replied, “They were narrow minded bigots.”

    To which the resident of the new town said, “I rather believe that you’ll find the same kind of folks in this town.”


  6. Nick:
    Ha ha ha! I guess. Have you read or watched or heard the book Secrets?


  7. This here reminds me of a fav. story of mine- of course a children’s story from my dotter’s book from long ago 😉

    Emile, the be-ribboned and pretty zebra, goes only where everything is the same as her. As she moves from page to page, we (the kids and their readers) need to find the common thread between a tiger, a chair, and so on. So on one page everything has stripes, the other page has things with four legs and so on 🙂

    So I would tell my dotter, be every where that everything is the same as you- i.e. find the common factor binding us to those around us.

    So too me- I like to have common threads with all sorts of people, and then its for them to find their own common threads.

    [I really liked reading this. :)]


  8. Shankari


    It was Camille, not Emile.

    (What was I thinking?)


  9. Shankari:
    I find it interesting how most of us think of similar issues and verbalise or articulate it differently. Expression mesmerises me. Thank you for sharing your story.


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